Bruce Eccles Auto Service Inc.
4.97/5.00, based on 384 ratings; 289 user reviews

  Michael, 07/12/2018

100% satisfaction

  Paul, 07/05/2018

Excellent service great people

  John, 06/28/2018

Great place to take your car to get fixed at very friendly and knowledgeable staff they really take care of their customers and make you feel appreciated

  Michael, 06/15/2018

Excellent workmanship, fantastic staff and good value.

  Sue, 06/01/2018

Quality and honest workmanship.

  Joy & Bill, 06/01/2018

wonderful work as always. Nice to have a place we can rely on.

  Sheila, 05/31/2018

The first time I brought my car to Eccles for service, I was desperate. Both our family cars suddenly needed fixing and we were about to head off on a trip that day. On May 18 my transmission pressure switch went when I was about to go to work. Eccles again came to the rescue and fixed my car that day. Great service and compassionate staff! Thank you so much!

  Harpreet, 05/31/2018

I?ve had nothing but a personable and professional experience every time. From receiving an estimate to having the work completed, it?s done on time and I?m always kept informed, should any issues arise. I wouldn?t think of going anywhere else!

  Ann, 05/29/2018

fabulous treatment of me and fabulous care for the car.

  Kim, 05/26/2018

Excellent service!

  Fred, 05/19/2018

We feel valued by Jim & Scott and the mechanics.

  Kathy, 05/18/2018

Our family has ?been with? Eccles for about 15 years. They are very professional, friendly, and everyone is very knowledgeable about cars, and always willing to explain what is going on with your vehicle. Highly recommend this place!

  Pat, 05/18/2018

As usual, Eccles did a stellar job of servicing both our vehicles during the busy spring tune-up and tire change season. At every step of the way, from front office contact with Anne and Chuck to the awesome work of the BEST mechanic, Jeff, who ensures our cars are safe and reliable, service is terrific...just like it?s been for the 19 years we?ve been going to Eccles. Great to have a home town garage that keeps being great.

  Ray, 05/17/2018

In life you've got to trust your dentist, your doctor, your lawyer, your mechanic and your wife. We'll be back to Eccles for continued good service. We trust you.

  Sheila, 05/17/2018

The Eccles team consistently gives great service and does their best to schedule the appointments in the times requested.

  Joy, 05/12/2018

Eccle?s Excellent and reliable. Proactive advice keeps me safe

  Matt, 05/03/2018

Excellent service, clean facility, very knowledgeable staff!!!

  Sheila, 04/26/2018

Needed to have my windshield replaced and an oil service. Windshield replaced quickly and efficiently. Oil service noted other things to be done -- air filter and sparkplugs. AIr filter ordered but was too small so larger one ordered. Things happen! Most importantly had discussions about some foreward planning for replacement of my timing belt which should occur at 160,000 but the car is 14 years old but only have 120km on the car. I hope to keep the car for a few more years so will have timing belt replaced (and other things that can be done at same time) in early summer. Very satisfied with the discussions about this issue and recommendations made. Many thanks!

  Andy, 04/21/2018

I always think there is room to grow. And maybe it's external site decor. But what goes on inside is very good. Even when there is a problem, it's shared with a view to getting to the bottom of it and amicably getting things operational.

  Jan, 04/17/2018

Eccles has serviced all of my cars since the mid-70's. I have complete trust and faith in them. Even though I've recently moved to another city, I still take my car back to Eccles. Jan